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The future of lighting technology is here.

Welcome to the EL-Works. EL stands for Electroluminescent.  It is a new type of extremely high efficiency lighting technology that can be used for just about anything you can imagine.  

EL technology can be found in the form of self-lighting wires or ultra-thin panels, and can be used to highlight edges, decorate spaces, or light up your house.  EL technology can be made extremely small or as large as you wish.  Magic panels can be used for just about anything!  Use them as flashlights, or wallpaper your room with a light source!  It is up to you.

We offer a diversity of EL products including EL Shirts, EL Panels, EL Tape (also known as EL Ribbon and EL Strips), as well as products for interior decoration and interior design.

Want to wallpaper your house with a light source?  Check out our EL Panels!

Would you rather highlight edges and stairs, or mark escape routes for your business?  Look at our EL Tape!

Or do you just want to be the life of the party with our EL Shirts?

Can't find what you are looking for?  Contact us!  El-Works also takes custom orders!

We also support the arts and sponsor several EL Art Projects.  Check out our EL Arts and Events

Browse through our great selection of products and immerse yourself in the future of lighting

We are located in Los Angeles
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